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Welcome to the 21st Century.

Why Is Search Engine
Important For Your Business?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of optimizing your businesses website so that you are found in Google when a customer searches for your services. Clear as mud? Example please:

You own a carpet cleaning business in Denver. When a client searches “Carpet Cleaning Denver”, a bunch of results pop up. Said customer may click on a few sites, but will rarely move past the first search page (in fact, over 75% of people stay on the first page in a Google search.) If you are one of the dozens of carpet cleaners in Denver that are NOT on the first page, you are losing a tremendous amount of business to those top search spots. Part of our job is actually telling you how much money you are losing. Let’s light that fire. 

Anyways, SEO is all important because without it, there is a phenomenal chance you will never hit the first page of Google, and you resign yourself to running a mediocre business for the rest of your days. Fortunately, our literal job is to push your site up the ranks to the top search spot. How do we do this? Read on!

The Secret Sauce

Explore Our SEO Strategies

The bread and butter. Here’s how we take your site to the top:

  1. Website Analysis – We dig through your website, front and back, and identify improvements to be made. This includes all the behind the scenes mumbo jumbo, which is what is really holding you back.
  2. Competition Analysis – Next, we dig through your top competitors. What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? We identify exactly what they have (front and back), and tell you exactly what needs to be done to take that top spot. 
  3. Keyword Reasearch – Now we analyze the top keywords for your business and the services you offer. We optimize your site with these so that you can begin to take a larger part of the market. These are ultimately what we are getting you to rank for. Buku Bucks here we come.
  4. Site Optimization – Now the hard work begins. We take everything that we have learned and begin implementing changes to your site. Typically this is a one and done process; we then focus on adding monthly content to keep the front end fresh. 
  5. Google My Business – We connect and optimize you to GMB (Google My Business). This is an incredibly important step for a local business, which can be discussed more in depth as the process begins. If you do not own a local business, you get to skip this step. Lucky duck. If you are running a local business, check out Local Business SEO.
  6. Behind The Scenes Wizardry – Everything we have done thus far is just priming us for this. Picture your site as a car – we are polished up, fueled up, and now it’s race day. The following steps will be implemented monthly for as long as we are partners:
  7. Link Building – Without getting too confusing, everytime another site includes a link to your site, Google views this as a vote. The more votes your site gets, the higher it will rank in a Google search. Every month we will be out getting you more votes. Confusing much? Don’t worry, we will thoroughly explain this process to you when we talk.
  8. Citation Building – If you own a local business, we build more behind-the-scenes content to push your business onto the Google map pack. This is that neat little section that displays the top three local businesses when you search something. This is YUGE.
  9. Content Creation – We will fire up a blog and create monthly content for your site. This is giant for alternate keyword traffic, and shows Google that you are fresh and relevant. 

As mentioned, we will continue those last 3 steps for as long as we are doing business (which will be a looong time, you’ll love this). This ensures that you reach the top, and more importantly stay on top. 

We Only Target The Highest Converting Keywords
Monthly Reporting With Real Time Rankings
Constant Competitor Analysis Ensures You Stay Ahead

How Your Website Is Performing?


Explosive SEO Services

Time to make the climb! We use the following techniques, as well as many others, to help you reach the top spot. Unlike other SEO agencies, we are transparent with our methods. Know where your money is going!


Monthly white hat link building techniques ensure that you are getting the highest quality, top authority, backlinks to your site.


In depth keyword research ensures you are maximizing your reach and not missing out on potential business. Remember, everyone searches differently!


Watch as your site statistics soar! Real time analytics show exactly how many customers are visiting your site, and what keywords they are using to get there.


Monthly reports show just how fast you are climbing the search engine ranks. Number One, here we come!


Monthly content will be added in the form of blogs and services pages. This shows Google that you are fresh, and constantly adding value to your site.


Monthly citation building ensures that you reach the top 3 map spots, drastically increasing your online visibility.

Do You Want More Business?

Our team of experts will take you from zero to hero. The longer you wait to start implementing SEO, the more business you will lose to your competitors. Request your free quote now!