SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be incredibly confusing and complex. Regardless, it is an absolute necessity in today's web driven world. Let us simplify things for you. Enter your business URL and contact email below to receive a FREE site analysis!

Transparent Growth Model

Watch your site soar to new heights with our proven optimization techniques. Monthly reports detail just how well your site is improving.

Customized Pricing

Only pay for what you need. We offer three pricing models: Hourly, Flat Monthly Rate, and Commission Based.

Content Generation

Content is King! All of our packages include monthly website content creation to bolster your site’s ranking and authority.

Unbeatable Backlinking

Our white hat backlinking methods ensure you obtain the highest quality, top authority backlinks that the web has to offer.

Video Promotion

Expand your online reach with our in-house video marketing services (coming soon!)

Competition Analysis

Stay ahead of the competition with monthly Competitor Analysis, included with all of our packages.

Transparency is the name of our game here at SEO Bro.

Many SEO agencies rely on the complexity of Search Engine Optimization to over charge their clients. They throw technical jargon at you and just pray that you glaze over and throw your money at them blindly. Here at SEO Bro, we strive to put the process in plain English, walking you through each step of our process. If you are not interested in what goes on behind the scenes, rest assured knowing that you are getting top notch work, and not paying a dime more than you need to. Read more about our SEO process by clicking below!


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Local Business

Unbeatable competition analysis, citation building, and backlinking ensure a top spot in Google searches.

Lock In
The Top Spot

Reach #1 and STAY number one. Persistent off page building for the duration of our partnership.

Pay per Click

Sky rocket your business to success with our pay per click marketing services.

Social Media

Targeted ad campaigns through social media expand your company's reach and influence.

SEO Plans & Packages that Suit You

Each business is unique, and no two pricing methods are the same. Here at SEO Bro, you pay for what you need, not a cent more. Ditch the generic plans and let's create one that makes sense for you!
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Hourly Work

Paying hourly is great for one time SEO or web design needs. Note that we do have an 8 hour minimum.


  • Hourly is great for the following:
  • In Depth SEO Site Analysis
  • In depth Competitor Analysis
  • One time Keyword Research/Development
  • One time “On Page” SEO optimization
  • Content Keyword Optimization
  • Dedicated SEO training for you and/or your team
  • One time Backlink/Citation Creation

Flat Rate

Also known as a monthly retainer. The majority of businesses need ongoing SEO work to improve and maintain their search engine rankings. Monthly prices vary based on business industry and complexity of SEO work needed.


  • Initial Optimization Includes:
  • Homepage Optimization
  • Site Structure Optimization
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • In Depth Competitor Analysis
  • GMB Connection
  • GMB Optimization
  • 50+ Local Citations
  • Ongoing Optimization Includes:
  • Continued Digital Consulting
  • 1+ pages keyword optimized per mo.
  • 1+ page copywrites per/mo
  • 5+ major backlinks per mo
  • In Depth Monthly Traffic Reports

Commission Based

Certain business models favor a commission based payment, where x% of each job landed through the website is paid to SEO Bro. We only get paid if you get paid!


  • Initial SEO Optimization Includes:
  • Homepage Optimization
  • Site Structure Optimization
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • In Depth Competitor Analysis
  • GMB Connect
  • GMB Optimization
  • 300 Local Citations
  • Call Tracking Set Up/Login
  • On Going SEO Includes:
  • Continued Digital Consulting
  • Continued Competitor Analysis
  • 1-4 pages keyword optimized per mo.
  • 1-4 page copywrites per/mo
  • Call forwarding/Tracking
  • 5+ major backlinks per mo
  • In Depth Monthly Traffic Reports
  • NOTE: Commission based jobs require an upfront fee to cover “On Page” Optimization

Three Pricing Models

Each of our client’s are unique, and so are their SEO needs. All of our plans are customized to tailor to your business model. You only pay for what you need, and we offer three pricing options: Monthly Flat Rate, Hourly, or Commission Based. We will discuss this together and mold your plan to fit your specific business needs.